National Office and Executive Committee


The National Executive: All Branches are linked through Regional/Country Committees to the National Executive Committee which meets three times per year and is headed by the National Director, Mr John Rostill. The National Executive Committee consists of Regional/ Country Representatives from each of the Regional/Country Committees.  Mrs Margaret Moffatt is the Chairman of the East Anglian Regional Forum and our representative on the Executive Committee. The format of this committee is currently under review by the Executive. Watch this space following the 2015 National Conference and AGM for changes.

The National Fellowship AGM and Conference is held in June/July and since 1997 has been combined with a Fellowship Holiday. The Conference is held on Friday to Monday with the meetings held on Saturday.  Peterborough Branch has always been well represented.

The National Office: The National Office in Dorset, is staffed by Sherry Smith, Kay Robinson, and Lucy and can be contacted Monday to Friday, 9-30am to 4pm. For details of your nearest Branch, for more information,  to join the Fellowship, or how to join where no local Branch exists, contact: Mr John Rostill, Director, National Health Service Retirement Fellowship, Central Office, Forston Clinic, Charminster, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 9TB.

Telephone: 01305 361 317 to speak to Sherry, Kay or Lucy

Fax: 01305 361330