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Created: July 2001. This page last updated: 4th April. 2015

About This Web Site & Its Author

The Organisation

The NHSRF is a National Organisation for the retired, or those due to retire from employment of any kind in the National Health Service (NHS). It is also open to Volunteers and those who worked for Service Providers to the NHS i.e. Contract catering, cleaning, laundry etc. Previous employees who left the service prior to retirement are also eligible.

The organisation has Branches all over the UK but if there is no local branch, membership is still possible by contacting the National Office. This site is principally about the Peterborough Branch but we are fairly typical of most Branches. There is a page devoted to theNational Organisation where contact details can be found.

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The Author

Was a nurse who took redundancy and early retirement when Peterborough Hospitals became a Trust and the posts of ‘Nursing Officer’, which had already undergone many changes of title & function over the years, became ‘General Manager’ posts.

He joined the Fellowship on retirement, was soon elected to the committee and became Editor of the ‘Branch News’  our monthly newsletter.
Keith was Branch Chairman for 4 years; 3 years as Trustee on the National Executive Committee and East Anglian Regional Representative. From the Fellowship he has gained new friends, made contact with old ones and enjoy what the title suggests – ‘Fellowship’ with other Members.

Following an Open University (OU) course he set up the Branch Web Site and developed the first National Web Site. To bring things up-to-date, at the AGM 2012. He resigned as Branch News Editor but retained the Web Master’s post.

Other Branches that have web sites can be linked to this one by letting us have the URL of your site and we trust you would reciprocate with ours.